Rogers Case, whose company Dean joined in August 1961, was extremely wealthy – a multi-millionaire when having a million meant something.
In 1954 Rogers inherited a company called Transandean Associates from his father, Daniel Rogers Case. Rogers came from a distinguished family; not only was his father considered a genius in the way he carved a telephone system out of the jungles of Colombia but his grandfather was a famous American Navy Rear Admiral Augustus Ludlow Case.
Transandean Associates not only owned the telephone system in Colombia, South America, but the company manufactured and marketed telephone line accessories which were designed and patented by Rogers’ father. When Dean joined the company and learned of the revenue stream coming from Colombia (in management fees) and Western Electric (in profits) he was stunned by the numbers.
The association with Rogers suited Dean perfectly – the business was thriving and highly profitable so the atmosphere and the work schedule at the Transandean office in Orange, New Jersey was casual. Rogers paid Dean nearly twice what he was making at Kniep’s which helped further subsidize his table tennis. The increase in pay also allowed Dean to move out of his parents home and into a $105/month apartment in the new, luxury Country Club Towers in Clifton. It marked the beginning of a new and dramatically different lifestyle for Dean.
Rogers and Dean made business trips together, played table tennis club matches in Cranford together, went to tournaments together, and, importantly, Rogers’ luxury apartment on Lexington Avenue in New York allowed them to lead a bachelor’s lifestyle on Friday nights and to practice and play at Lawrence’s table tennis club on 96th Street and Broadway on the weekend.
It all seemed too good to be true – and time would prove that it was.

Rogers father, Daniel Rogers Case. Dean & Rogers, Monserrate, Bogota, Colombia

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