Transandean Associates was run by a man named Raul Gutierrez who had worked for Daniel Rogers Case in Colombia. He knew the business thoroughly – from the Colombian side to the American side. He handled bookkeeping and shipment of the transposition brackets and insulators from a warehouse a short walk from the office on Main Street in Orange. He referred to Mr. Case as “the genius who built an empire from bed.” (Mr. Case was disabled in his later years, Raul told me, from later stages of diabetes which required amputation of his legs.)
Rogers’ mother Ethel and sister Muriel both worked part-time in the office primarily on bookkeeping issues. Very little was required of either Rogers or me to keep the business running and profitable.
After his mother and sister received their share of the monthly income, Rogers share was more than generous – which meant living in the luxury apartment in Manhattan, investing in the stock market, making frequent trips to Las Vegas for gaming and enjoying driving around in his convertible Corvette.
I never met Rogers’ father but, according to Raul, he was a brilliant entrepeneur who not only built the telephone system in Colombia, South America, but built a financial empire based on his invention of the “transposition bracket.”
Working with a man named Dr. Ferrero, (who was in his 90s when I met him in December 1962 and who worked with Guglielmo Marconi in the development of the telephone,) Mr. Case assembled a team of technicians and laborers who placed the poles and strung the lines through the jungles and over the Andes Mountains to bring telephone communications to the Country. In building the telephone system in Colombia, Mr. Case developed and patented the “transposition bracket” which transposed telephone lines on both the telephone pole and mid-span lines; a necessary procedure to eliminate “cross-talk” between wires. He used the product extensively in Columbia and also marketed it to telephone companies in the U.S. mainly Western Electric.
In addition to serving as Rogers’ Marketing Manager, I was also a travel companion and table tennis practice partner for him (Rogers, by the way, was a very good player – he won the U.S. Men’s Singles Consolation event at the 1958 Nationals.)

In addition to a staff of 15 in Bogota, these are the three men that ran Transandean: Raul reviewing shipment numbers with Rogers. Dr. Ferrero and Rogers in 1963.

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