Life’s Dinner Menu is Served . . . At A Table For Two
hors d’oeurves
I was born in St. Louis, Missouri on December 23, 1922. My first major challenge in life was to survive a life-threatening surgery to correct an abdominal condition at the age of 6 weeks.
At age 4, I started swimming, dancing and elocution classes. As a pre-teen, I swam for the Riviera Club in Indianapolis and trained as a swimmer and diver.
In 1933, at the end of my 11th year, I started to play table tennis. I was self-driven to excel to the best of my ability. Even in my octogenarian years, this urge has never abated.
Après le diner
Which part of a meal is the best? There are some that would say “dessert”. . . and I would certainly agree!
My goal, even before I was a teen-ager, was to become a United States Table Tennis Champion. I won the title in 1940 at age 17 and continued to defend it for the next four years.
Although my father Fred is now gone, I still hear the same encouraging voice today that I heard, and heeded, since childhood. That voice has been there for me through all of the many crisis in my life. And what does dad’s voice tell me? “Sally, it is better to be a ‘has been’ than a ‘never was.’” by Sally Green Prouty

Caption: Sally & Dean at the Prouty condo in Fort Myers, Florida, 2008.