How a series of events that span nearly 100 years, many of which the author believes to be divinely inspired, lit his path to: a successful career in advertising, to the sport he loves which he believes has contributed to his 87 years of good health, and to the woman he loves to whom he has been married for 54 years.

Through this series of inter-connected events the author recounts with stories and more than 300 high-quality photographs, how he achieved success in life, in love and in business by following and yielding intuitively to a lifelong series of events – events, which he believes, were not “coincidental,” not “serendipitous,” not by “chance” but divinely inspired.

A common thread through the author’s life is his passion for the sport of table tennis, upon which he was also, he believes, divinely led and in which he has been engaged for more than 60 years, as a player, as an organizer, as a promoter of the health benefits of the sport, as an author of six books on the history of the sport, as a personal friend of many of the legends of the sport and, eventually, to a 2015 induction into the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame.

Meet the Author

Dean Johnson is a designer, photographer, table tennis enthusiast, USTTA Hall of Famer, and author of seven books. Dean’s current activities in table tennis focus on promoting the health benefits of the sport to seniors and school students. One of the goals of his upcoming book, A Table for Two, is to carry the message of the many health benefits of table tennis to a wider audience and to keep alive the legacy of the golden age of table tennis and the super talents of the game who contributed to it.