Through a series of interconnected events the author recounts, with stories and more than 300 photographs, how he achieved success in life, in love, in business and in the sport he loves by following and yielding intuitively to what he believes were divinely inspired events. How the sport of table tennis became a “sport for life” – The magic of “just show up” – When to take a “leap of Faith” – How a hobby of pencil sketching and pen and ink drawings blossomed into a career in graphic arts. – How a $25/week internship became a $million business. – How the most unlikeable, unlikeliest of people in life may have the greatest, positive impact – When it’s better to “ask forgiveness than permission” – How understanding WIIFM is important in both personal and business relationships – The benefits of turning clients into friends and vice-versa – How bad news can turn good, but it takes time – How to resolve the challenges of parenting – How two years of crippling back pain was resolved – Secrets behind a 53-year marriage – Stories about how the author was directly and indirectly connected to disparate celebrities like Babe Ruth, Billie Jean King, Frank Brennan, Sr. and Jr., A&P heir Huntington Hart- ford, Sir Harold Evans, actors Susan Sarandon & Adoni Maropis, 1961 Miss Universe Marlene Schmidt, legendary pianist Dexter Grey, portrait artist Bill Dolwick, basketball legend Christian Laettner, world-famous “puzzlemaster” Will Shortz and to two of the most talented American table tennis players of the Classic Age, Marty Reisman and Dick Miles – The story of how a 25-year old who just wanted to “be somebody,” in the sport he loves, 60 years later was inducted into the U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame – “Time lapse” photos of how the years passed by – Links to highlight videos

Meet the Author

Dean Johnson is a designer, photographer, table tennis enthusiast, USTTA Hall of Famer, and author of seven books. Dean’s current activities in table tennis focus on promoting the health benefits of the sport to seniors and school students. One of the goals of his upcoming book, A Table for Two, is to carry the message of the many health benefits of table tennis to a wider audience and to keep alive the legacy of the golden age of table tennis and the super talents of the game who contributed to it.