Volume II, World Class American Table Tennis Players of the Classic Age is the second of a series authored by Dean Johnson and Tim Boggan. The series covers the players, officials and contributors of the period 1931-1966. Volume II features detailed Profiles by Tim Boggan author of the multi-volume treatise on the History of U.S. Table Tennis – the single most comprehensive work published to date on the sport. Volume II contains 238 pages of profiles, 254 Photos and articles, career highlights and complete records of Legendary players Sol Schiff, Lou Pagliaro and Sally Green Prouty. Foreword is by Dick Evans, President, U.S. Table Tennis Hall of Fame. Many of the photos are from the private collection of renowned photographer Mal Anderson.


Meet the Author

Dean Johnson is a designer, photographer, table tennis enthusiast, USTTA Hall of Famer, and author of seven books. Dean’s current activities in table tennis focus on promoting the health benefits of the sport to seniors and school students. One of the goals of his upcoming book, A Table for Two, is to carry the message of the many health benefits of table tennis to a wider audience and to keep alive the legacy of the golden age of table tennis and the super talents of the game who contributed to it.